When you create your own blog and need to introduce yourself: About Me

What a better birthday resolution than to make my blog idea a reality.


Hi! How is it going? I know, as good as it gets. Well today is my birthday (I want a trophy thank you!).

Anyway,  I’ve been having the idea of my own blog for a long time now, a little longer than a year ago I even started a Facebook page and a blog with my best friend, but sometimes life happends and you simply can’t find the time or the right inspiration at the moment, so I lost interest in it, Perdón Mey Te Amo!. So what a better birthday resolution than to make my blog idea a reality.

Guys, honestly I don’t know what am doing now, I just feel the necessity to start something on my own, and since right now I am an unemployed Master Degree Graduate I figured I could explore my blogger side, and share with the world my awesomeness (#justkiddin’ #maybenot #dontletmeusehastags #saveme #butatleastifeelawesome).

Who is this girl Pilar & and why she thinks she’s awesome?  Very good question, thank you.  I am as I just told you a recent Master Degree Graduate from the International Business Development Program in Peter the Great, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in (yes!) Russia. I stayed in Saint Petersburg for 3 years, the most cold, weird and tough years of my life so far; but also the most rewarding, full of self knowledge, satisfying and adventurous days. I got to meet people from all over the world, share classes and daily activities with humans from all possible backgrounds and cultures, and the best part is that a lot of them became close friends; I can make a post talking about this if you feel interested, comment or let me know and I will.

Can you spot my “WTF/ Help me / What I’ve done” face during my first day in Saint Petersburg?. Yep, I know, cannot be unseen. Save that poor girl!.

But I totally nailed it after all, and I graduate like a boss. #girlboss


That is me in terms of what I’ve been doing with my life, regarding the part of “why she thinks she is awesome?”, this is where I am going now. First and foremost, am awesome because if I don’t start saying it then nobody will do it for me, and also because everyone in this freakin’ planet is awesome in a super rare, unique, special way, seriously I am not just being cheesy, if people don’t start seeing their own awesomeness then, who will?. So better get to it, the sooner the better.

I believe you already notice I tend to be a little extra, I cannot control it.

Ok, I know who you are, now, what are you going to do with this blog? Well, right now I have a ton of beauty products that I want to try because of my addiction to this things, I really love skin care products so much, therefore I LOVE to take care of my skin and I figured I can show you how I do it, give you some tips that I’ve picked up during the road and maybe help you create a simple and easy beauty routine. At some point I could even show you my outfits or how I take care of my hair, I love to see how other people do this kinds of things, and maybe you and I share some interests and that would be cool to see.

My other addictions in the list are Traveling (yeah did I mention I’m broke now?) Netflix, Pinterest, Memes, some Anime Series, Music, Corgis, Dalmatians and I have huge problems with League of Legends (currently unranked, main ADC, SKT fan and LCK spectator).  I expect to open my own PC Bang Cafe in a not so long future.

Sounds pretty much like a basic girl, but I would suggest you to read the blog, or take a look to my social networks (where I shit post A LOT!) and maybe you’ll see I am not more special than you and that maybe just maybe, we are more similar than what we both may think.

Disclaimer: My native language is Spanish but I feel more confortable writting in English. Sorry if there is any typo.

My Beauty Routine: A walk down the weekly steps to keep a healthy skin.

Hiiii! How is everything going? (I legit want to know!). I’m still in the job hunting thing so pretty much the same for me, sending resumes here and there and waiting for answers on it, still no luck, but hey! something will come up for me!.

Anyways, today I want to show you what I do on the weekly basis to keep my skin looking healthy. Remember that in my last post you can check my daily AM and PM routine, so if you still haven’t then go see it. My beauty routine: A walk down the daily steps to keep a healthy skin.

Ok, so enough of chit-chat and let’s get down to business. Oh! and this is not an sponsored post in anyway these are all my honest opinions on the products below.

On top of the AM and PM routine that I follow daily, I like to add to it a weekly routine where I put on a face mask that will help enhance some specific aspect of my skin. For this puporses as you already know, I use only super affordable products and try to keep it as simple as just to take the mask out of the package put it on, leave for at least 30 min on my face, take off and TAAA-DAAA ready.

Pretty easy huh?. Now you maybe thinking, Ok yeah Pilar is easy but where are those SUPER affordable products that you use?,  Well fear no moooooore!, because here they are:

  • Vilenta Animal Mask Collection: The first product I ever try from this brand was part of their Animal Mask Collection, it was the Sweet Panda, with Bamboo extract and soy oil which gives the skin a beautiful brightening effect. I instally fell in love with it when I saw it at the beauty aisle of the supermarket, the price was incredibly good, and to be honest that Panda on the package was so cute that I knew I had to buy it. Oh! and this is super cool! if you, like me, like to post fun selfies on Instagram, the mask has this cute face on it so yeah, while you are taking care of your skin you can take a selfie and become a Panda, a Wild Tiger, a Sea Calf or a Pretty Kitty; which is the one I’m trying this week btw!; it has me super exited (yep! I get exited with beauty products, thank you!) because this one has Raspberry juice that makes your skin smooth and velvety, and the Lavender on it has a soothing action that relaxes the skin, so don’t forget to follow my Insta posts and stories to see me as a Pretty Kitty someday around this week.
  • Vilenta Vitamin Series Masks: Since I just can’t get enough of Vilenta, I also have the Masks from their Vitamin Series, which depending on the Vitamin you are using comes with amazing benefits for your skin, for example, the Vitamin E mask helps with a rapid cell regeneration and renewal process, it also slow down the aging process (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!), and helps reducing the expression wrinkles, because yeah, who wants expression wrinkles!. At the moment I believe Vilenta physically sell their products only in Russia (sad!) I discovered them while I was living in St Petersburg, and before coming back to Costa Rica I brought a bunch of provisions, but they have an online store that you should totally check out and go follow their Insta page to see all of their awesome products as well. Vilenta if you read this, I would like to try one of your beauty boxes and review it *sad puppy eyes* how can I do it if I live in Costa Rica? can you guys help me?, I really think we are missing here in America your awesome products 😦
  • Garnier Sheet Masks:  Yes I know! I’m guilty, I LOVE Garnier Products as you also may have notice from my posts, they are just so affordable and good that I just have to buy everything Garnier has. And in this case, for my weekly mask routine is not a rare thing that I include their sheet masks. They all have an specific benefit to your skin so whether you need to hydrate, reduce your pores, relax your skin, among A LOT more benefits this masks contains, Garnier is your go to option.

  • Garnier Pure Self Heating Sauna Mask: This mask I first used it when my roommate in St Petersburg gave it to me (Hi Vika! :D), it works impurities and excess sebum to unclog pores and refine skin texture. Your skin feels deeply cleansed and looks shine-free. It feels purifired and clean and it just the best sensation. Apply it gently on the T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin). Suitable for the oily to combination skin, and the best part is that it comes in a double package, so you get a two week treatment in one purchase YAS!.


So I just told you the millenary secrets of my weekly routine, super affordable, super easy, and super instagramable 😀 go follow Vilenta and Garnier, in their social networks they have extra tips and it will help you find products in your area.

Oh! and before I go I forgot to mention this on my daily routine, but I have an extra pro tip:

* Take a pill of Vitamin E everyday it will help your skin, hair and body in general feel younger and regenerate. I will make a big post about but in the meantime go to your nearest farmacy, supermarket or macrobiotic store and get Vitamin E, you’ll thank me later, promise!


See you guys in the next post, stay awesome :3

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My Pinterest Board: Latest Obsessions on demand

Hiiii! This is a very quick post just to let you guys know that you can totally go  follow my Pinterest profile,  where you can see a more detailed description of everything I’m currently obssesing over.

My latest board is the “Korean Fever” one, I’ve been wanting to go there for a long time now, and I figured a pin board about it is the best way to keep that goal in mind to make it a reality in a hopefully near future, I also started to learn Korean on my own recently (crazy, I know, but is really cool and interesting!), so yeah, that is my most active board at the moment.

Anyways! make sure you check it, I have tons of boards there that you may find relatable!.

See you in the next post!.


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My beauty routine: A walk down the daily steps to keep a healthy skin.

Hiiii! I’m going to show you how to keep your face clean and healthy without breaking the bank. All the products that I used can be easily found or replaced by things you can find in the supermarket beauty aisle and drug stores so it should not be super expensive, and off course please share with me other products or tips, I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL and everything that am about to recommend or say has been proven by own experience so be aware that whatever works for me maybe is not going to work for you, or you could have a better way to do it, and in that case as I told you PLEEEEAAASEEEE SHARE!.

To be completely honest, I never had big issues with my skin, I never had acne and I just had to deal with minor breakouts here and there, but I know I am extremely lucky and not everyone can say this, and it sucks! I started to take real care of my face and skin about 2 years ago, when I noticed that I had developed big dark circles under my eyes because of insomnia and when I heard someone said that wrinkles under the eyes are the first to appear after you hit 25 years (I still don’t know if it is actually true but PREVENTION never hurt anybody!), I know, DRAMA ALERT! I got traumatized by it and I started to look for information and tips on how to prevent it.

I am just going to stop talking and get started with the routine. I divide it in “Daily” and “Weekly” (which is going to be in a separate post) because that is how I handle mine. REMEMBER I AM NOT A BEAUTY EXPERT NOR A BEAUTY GURU, I AM JUST SHARING WHAT I DO!.

General Tips:

    • If you are not used to routines put it on a list. For Example, create a bullet journal with your daily skin care routine, that way you will not forget it.
    • You will not see the results if you don’t do this constantly.

  • AM: I do the first step while I shower it is easier and saves me time in the morning.
    • Clean: Wash your skin with special face soap, there A LOT of options in the market and this is basically the base to everything that we are going to do next. There’s no point in having a beauty routine if you do not clean your face daily. My top pick for this task is Clean & Clear Morning Burst Face Cleanser.
    • Moisture: Most of us apply a little makeup every morning , and I personally don’t like to put it directly on my clean face, I prefer to put Moisturizer first to create a little film that can mantain my face hydrated and radiant during the day. My top pick for this task is Garnier Moisture Soft Cream.

And that’s it for the morning, after this I usually put BB cream or Primer to prepare my face for heavy foundation, depending on how  I will do my make up for the day, or I even simply leave it as it is and I am ready to go.

PRO TIP: Mix Sunscreen with the Moisturizer Cream or even better, get one with SPF included, and it will double as sun protection which is basic to keep your skin looking young and healthy. 


  • PM: To me, the night routine is the most important, I feel during the night my skin rests and regenerates better, and therefore this is the one that I don’t miss, no matter how tired or lazy I get.
    • Clean (Again): During the day we picked up all kinds of dirt and bacteria eventhough we cannot see it, trust me is there, as I am used to wash my face at night I simply cannot going to bed without this step, I feel gross.  My top pick for this task is Clean & Clear Morning Burst Face Cleanser. (I know it says Morning in the label but to be honest I’m broke so let’s use the same as in the morning. Thank you very much.)
    • Tone: I believe this step should be also perfomed during the morning but I only have one bottle of toner and I have to make it last as much as I can, so I only put this on at night. Toner reduces the pores, prevents clogged pores and refreshes the skin. Cool right?. My top pick for this task is Garnier Fresh and invigorating Toner with grape.
    • * Serum: There is an inmense variety of facial serums, each one focused in one specific face issue that you would like to take care of. In my case I am traumatized by my dark circles and I don’t want to get eye wrinkles, ever! (#idontwanttogetold #woldwideprettymoment) So I used one specifically to treat this issues. My top pick for this task is Natura Siberica Imperial Caviar 1001 Artic Rose Eye Cream.
    • Eye Zone Mask: This step is pretty much to cover the same issue as the toner. Only for this my top pick is Purederm Collagen Eye Zone Mask. Also this patches are awesome to treat the little bags under the eyes, and are super useful when you travel and the recycled air inside the airplane makes your skin dry.
    • Night Cream: I know there’s too much to do at night but trust me, this is all done in less than 7 minutes and it will give you a beautiful, young and healthy skin in the long run. Top picks for this tasks, Natura Siberica Rhondiola Rosea Night Cream or Natura Siberica Anti Age Active Organics Night Face Mask.

* These steps are performed on interspersed days, meaning one night I use the serum the next night  the eye zone mask and so on.

There you have it, my Daily AM & PM routine, I know is difficult to put all this steps into practice specially if you have to wake up early and rush outside the house in the morning or during the night when you comeback totally beat up and ready to just collapse in bed and watch your Netflix show, but trust me, this is totally worth it in the long run, your skin is the biggest organ of your body, so why not giving it some love?.

Let me know what you think, what is your beauty routine, which steps you found useful, if you can make this post better I would be so grateful.

See you people on the next post!.

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